Living with the course of time

In 12 of the total of 24 Schwarzwand rooms a new chapter has begun. Architect Birgit Elsensohn relies on handcrafted upholstered furniture and beds, specially dyed wool carpets and linen fabrics, marble cladding in soft tones. Limestone plastering on the walls creates a comfortable indoor climate. For the brushed oak wood paneling, Birgit drew inspiration from traditional alpine style elements. The grain of the geometric surfaces creates subtle plays of light and shadow.

» Each room was considered individually and a coherent concept was created. I relate natural materials, hand-picked antiques and contemporary art, just as I like to live.«

Birgit Elsensohn, Architect Schwarzwand

The walls plastered with certified organic lime provide a pleasant indoor climate. Venetian blinds made of walnut and bamboo separate the bathroom from the bedroom and at the same time create a flowing connection between the two rooms. Lights made of silk and linen bathe the rooms in soft light.

"The Italian lifestyle and the alpine nature complement each other magnificently. Our hotel is a refuge in the middle of the spectacular Lech mountain landscape, where well-traveled and sophisticated friends of beautiful things feel at home. "

Marlène Barth-Elsensohn, Hostess Schwarzwand